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Oct 07, 2016
An Enthusiastic First Impression

An Enthusiastic First Impression


Mission Blurb:

Lee had raw energy, enthusiasm and a vision for the new Metro Office space in Tysons. Even though it was still under constructions he painted a picture of a great space with a community feel that's very much focused on helping businesses succeed.

People involved: Lee from Metro Office in Tysons is a .

Our objective:

At stake for GoodSeeker:{{STAKE}}

Success factors:{{IMPACT}} from Lee helped us see the potential.

Values displayed by Lee:{{VALUES}}

Makes me feel:{{FEELING}}

My takeaway:{{TAKEAWAY}}

GoodSeeker appreciates pride at work. I'm happy to contribute to our culture and brand by sharing this story. Want to support a company that appreciates good attitude. Check us out. 

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Jens Kosman
I really like what is being done at your location. You guys get it. Keep it going!