GoodSeeker, Inc.
Jun 12, 2019
Digging in for the Client

Digging in for the Client

It was Friday afternoon. Perfect time for a little surprise.  I tend to wait until Friday to check out new things and introduce them to our team. I was curious about GoodSeeker but not sure what to expect. Stories at work? Well now I get it and I see it. Chris and I Saw something pretty cool. A new way to collect stories that we are probably missing more often than not.  Example of our values and brand are super valuable. Now we can bottle them up with the help of staff. Excited to explore the potential. Glad we have a team that is open to new innovation. That's how we roll.

GoodSeeker appreciates enginuity at work. I'm happy to contribute my story to our brand. Want to work with a company who values relationships? Check us out.