GoodSeeker, Inc.
Nov 30, 2018
From a GoodSeeker, one last time!

From a GoodSeeker, one last time!

Thanks for the amazing Internship opportunity starting from Summer. I cannot believe this is the last working day as an intern with GoodSeeker. I want to thank my gurus Erik and Jens for the trust in me, I hope my contribution has made an impact. The best learning all the way was to see how you reacted and handled difficult situations without losing cool. Erik, thanks for inculcating that passion for product in me and always proving that "Anything is possible." I always admire your grit to start an amazing company like GoodSeeker and your passion to make human lives better. I aspire to become a little bit of who you are in the coming future. I will never forget the standing desk you got for me, it showed how much you care for your employees. I am leaving this internship feeling very accomplished and grateful that I worked for a great product that helps Businesses thrive, All credits to you Erik! Jens, staying calm and handling a mountain load of work with a smile on is only possible for you. You empower firms working for a noble cause with amazing Technology, how beautiful is that!! Asking how you do it might be a wrong question, you are superhuman! Thanks for having me, Love for GoodSeeker will never end!

GoodSeeker appreciates empowerment at work. I'm happy to contribute to our culture and brand by sharing this story. Want to support a company that appreciates good attitude. Check us out. 

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Your are going to do such wonderful things I know. Thrilled to have had the opportunity share my knowledge and experience with you. That's what it's all about!