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Jul 09, 2018
Initiative Starts with a Get it Done Attitude

Initiative Starts with a Get it Done Attitude

This Rocks

Shashwot wanted to meet today. He was looking for more work. With Bob Marley on the turntable - we chatted about workload. It wasn't about staying busy. It was about making an impact on GoodSeeker and our mission. Moving forward will require many skills and talents. It was clear from the discussion that Shashwot initiated on his own that he has many of them, and brings an insatiable appetite to learn new ones. It was a welcome meeting I won't forget.

What happened makes me feel {{FEELING}}. It also reflects {{VALUES}} and strong {{IMPACT}}, two things that I believe are keys to making a difference for this start up!

GoodSeeker appreciates responsibility at work. I'm happy to contribute to our culture and brand by sharing this story. Want to support a company that appreciates communication. Check us out. 

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