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Aug 14, 2018
One hell of a ride!

One hell of a ride!

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Starting from May 23rd, this internship journey has been amazing. Erik, I cannot thank you enough for all the learning. I learned a lot from your hustle and the way you swiftly manage complicated problems. The sense of culture you’ve embedded makes me feel so connected to the product and empathize with users. Though I just got to see the current problems that bubbled up, I clearly can imagine your grit right from the very early stage of GoodSeeker. It is such an amazing product, and your vision to see it in action motivates me a lot. Be it big or small, seeing through the end of any task is one game-changing quality I’ve picked up from you. You are an amazing leader! I am grateful for all the value you see in me and very excited to have received an offer to join in the Fall. I love GoodSeeker, cannot wait to see the product get disruptive! Jens, thanks for being the beacon and an inspiring Mentor! I cannot express how positive I feel around your presence. I look forward to being a helping hand in your journey to make the world a better place. I will never forget the mantra you follow: Doing things once properly creates winners. Stay away from doing things incorrectly 23x! Shashwot, you’ve been an amazing co-intern. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious, never let them go! All the very best!

From my point of view {{IMPACT}} was the difference maker. As someone who values {{VALUES}} I'm proud to say that what happened makes me feel - {{FEELING}}.

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Erik Ayers
Those are some super nice words. It’s awesome to know that I can make an impact like that. And anybody else reading this needs to know the power of an intern to inspire a leader. The story has just begun and you’re all part of it.
Jens Kosman
Mirror that. Good things happen when the right people are in the room. There was more than just a few good sparks this summer. Onwards and upwards!