GoodSeeker, Inc.
Apr 03, 2019
This Pirate Hunts for People to Help

This Pirate Hunts for People to Help

We are hungry for leads. Working hard to find the right approach to get in front of the right people who we can help. There is a system to doing it well, but its not for someone who is easily discouraged by diving into new technology. So many awesome tools to learn. No barrier for Rachel. Today she put on her rally can and single handedly found 60 great people to reach out to. A pirate must seek their treasure. And in our case, that treasure is people who we can help. Good companies and good people who deserve to win more. Rachel showed that passion today - passion to hunt for prospect gold.

I appreciate Rachel's autonomyentrepreneurshipwillingness to dive into new things at work. I'm happy to share a story that reflects on who we are as a company, and what matters to me.  We tell good stories at work. If you're reading this and think your company should as well - Sign up. 

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