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Nov 08, 2017
We got our ducks in a row with Kayako

We got our ducks in a row with Kayako

As a start up finding tools that rock and have plans that fit is critical. We are early stage and absolutely want to make a great impression with customers when it comes to support. I tried lots of tools and was thrilled to finally find Kayako. Most impressive however has been how they handle support themselves. We had some configuration issues setting up DKIM and some other random requests. Swarnava Sengupta and Michael Caminiti have responded with a personal touch since the very start - and that was on the free plan! Alicia and Jamie have taken a white glove approach to getting us started as well. I can now put this part of our stack in the "ready to go" bucket.

GoodSeeker appreciates quality at work. I'm happy to contribute to our culture and brand by sharing this story. Want to support a company that appreciates extra effort. Check us out. 

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