Authored by Jens Kosman at Lucid Foundry
Lucid Foundry
Mar 22, 2019
Lifting our partners out of banana code into the modern era

Lifting our partners out of banana code into the modern era

Quan stayed in late waiting for Dat and I to get our act together around a client meeting. What was on the agenda? The presentation of a long awaited feature, represented by the hard work of Trang, Quan, Quan, Toan, Ha and Nam, bringing one of our critical products from the ice ages to modern reality!

Folks, I cannot wait to showcase this to the larger team. From the excellent design work from Trang, to Ha's maintenance work, to the front-end, to the back-end, the testing and the amazing execution of the Angular 7 team.

This is a complex project and it's no easy feat to hold what we do together. I want you all to know how special you are to what we are working on together. Thank you.

Lucid Foundry is a company that appreciates accountability. I'm happy to contribute to our brand by sharing this story that matters to me. Consider working with us to reap the benefit of what we're all about.

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