Authored by Jens Kosman at Lucid Foundry
Lucid Foundry
Jun 12, 2018
Onwards and Upwards amidst chaos!

Onwards and Upwards amidst chaos!

This Rocks

We are making an investment into Vietnam while at the same time running active projects. This is quite the challenge.

Dat's is doing a great job keeping his head together through all the changes we are going through. Thank you partner!

The situation makes me feel {{FEELING}} we will reach our goals. Dat is demonstrating his true spirit, which is{{VALUES}} and {{IMPACT}}.

So we keep pushing. {{TAKEAWAY}}

GoodSeeker appreciates entrepreneurship at work. I'm happy to contribute to our culture and brand by sharing this story. Want to support a company that appreciates good attitude. Check us out. 

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