Pivotal Moments
Nov 14, 2018
An Artful Meeting at EverFi

An Artful Meeting at EverFi

Today was a great day to see the progress our Mental Wellness platform being developed by EverFi. We've talked about it for a long time and you forgot how much goes into getting a product ready for prime-time. The product looks awesome. The rollout plan looks great. But something else impressed me. The team at EVERFI was prepared, coordinated, and on point. I saw nothing but "act together" at play. Then it dawned on me. Every interaction has been this way. The coordination, planning and clear connection to the mission and product were clear. Not just a meeting. It's was artful work. Sponsors and partners should be proud that this team is doing what it takes behind the scenes to make good work happen.

I love to see accountabilityteamworkprofessionalism and disciplinepartneringpreparation at work. It matters to @apivotaloment. We appreciate support from friends and partners!  

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