Pivotal Moments
Mar 21, 2019
Going Anywhere to Find Donors

Going Anywhere to Find Donors

Fundraising for a mission is hard. It takes hustle. And it also takes a commitment to go anywhere. Pamela is on a mission to help Pivotal Moments fundraise for a great cause - Iron Lions, the movie. A great documentary on the power of teamwork. But it's not enough to just ask. You have to move. Pamela seems to be on the road non-stop. Traveling to PA and beyond to engage with people who can support the mission. Hustle at it's finest. It matters to me because the mission of Pivotal Moments is a passion for me as well.

I love that @apivotalmoment values communityresponsibilitycourage and extra efforthard workhustle. When it comes to people lending their expertise these are the attributes we need to succeed. Boost us! 

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Right on! Thanks for your interest.

Thanks Erik - It's nice to be noticed for my driving time and road warrior life! Anything for the team! Pamela