Pivotal Moments
Apr 16, 2018
GridIron Rivalry Rocks in the Rain

GridIron Rivalry Rocks in the Rain

Vision to Reality with the GridIron Rivalry Classic

Putting on a first time charity tournament is hard. It's even harder when you are trying to coordinate special guests from across the country. Getting sponsors is hard. Coordinating volunteers is hard. Predicting the weather - impossible! But it happened and it was great. Ken Harvey's vision for The Inaugural Rivalry Classic came to life today. Lots of lesson learned for sure. But we wouldn't have those "lessons to learn" without this crew's grit and desire to start something new.

From my point of view {{IMPACT}} was the difference maker. As someone who values {{VALUES}} it takes to start something new, I'm proud to say that what happened makes me feel - {{FEELING}}.

GoodSeeker appreciates courage at work. I'm happy to contribute to our culture and brand by sharing this story. Want to support a company that appreciates good attitude. Check us out. 

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Bob Morgan
This was an awesome start. Looking forward to a bigger better event next year.
Jeana Foster
This was the beginning to more amazing tournaments to come. The best part was that new and lasting friendships were made. I can't wait till next year in Dallas!